Looking for an LPC Supervisor in Texas?

Finding an LPC Supervisor who can support you while you gain your hours toward licensure can be one of the most important and most challenging tasks you face as an LPC Associate in Texas. There are many ways to go about finding a supervisor, and luckily for you, it has gotten easier since I was an intern myself.

To find an LPC Supervisor in Texas, you could:

  • Search Google (that’s probably what led you here)
  • Download the list of current supervisors from the BHEC website
  • Use a directory such as Psychology Today
  • Ask for referrals from current associates or other LPCs

If Google led you here, congratulations! You have found one LPC Supervisor in Texas. Click here to schedule a chat to see if we’re a good fit. Continue reading for more options.

Searching Google for an LPC Supervisor

There are a handful of ways to use the power of almighty Google to aid you in finding an LPC Supervisor. You could search for:

  • LPC-S in {city}
  • LPC Supervisors in Texas
  • Online supervision in Texas
  • Directory of LPC Supervisors
  • How to find an LPC Supervisor (may have gotten you here)
  • For the sake of my sanity please show me an LPC Supervisor who actually knows what they’re doing and is currently taking new associates!

That last one may seem a bit farfetched, but finding a supervisor can be challenging. The truth is that searching Google for a supervisor may give you a ton of results, but it may not provide you with an answer for your query. I have heard from countless clients that just getting a therapist to call them back is a nightmare, and I can imagine the same would apply to LPC Associates looking for a supervisor. Very few make it as easy as I have to get in touch to see if we’re a good fit.

Seriously, just go to my homepage (or about page or even my fees page), and you’ll find a scheduler at the bottom where you can request a 30-minute Zoom call. No phone tag or unanswered emails. I’ve even included the scheduler at the bottom of this blog post for your convenience.

Download the List of Approved Supervisors from the BHEC Website

You can visit https://www.bhec.texas.gov/find-a-supervisor/index.html to download a list of current LPC Supervisors in the state of Texas. Doing so will provide you with an Excel spreadsheet full of names and the city and county where the counselor is located (at least where they are currently registered).

Now out of this list of more than 5,000 LPC Supervisors, you can now attempt to find the right one for you. Since the state’s list only contains the name and city/county, you’ll still need to search Google to find the contact information for your prospective supervisor.

Good luck because even though it’s 2022, many therapists still don’t have a website! It’s ridiculous; I know.

If you are at all Excel-savvy, you can sort the list by county or city to help you narrow it down. For example, if you’re looking for an LPC Supervisor in Dallas, you can narrow the list down to about 300. If you want to find an LPC Supervisor in San Antonio, your list is now a little over 400. Houston? 424. Even if you’re in Lubbock (wreck ’em, Tech), you’ve still got 90 potential LPC Supervisors to choose from.

It would be really nice if the list of supervisors included their contact information, but that would be just a little too helpful for a state agency. Am I right?

Use a Directory to Find a Supervisor

If you search for any type of therapy or therapist, you’ll probably land on Psychology Today. Like them or not (I don’t), they can still be a viable resource for finding an LPC Supervisor.

That being said, you’ll find a bunch of therapists who have the credentials to provide supervision in Texas. Unfortunately, it’s not that difficult to become a supervisor. Trust me; I just did…

The other problem with using Psychology Today to find a supervisor is that you’ll run into the same problem potential clients have when looking for therapy: no one answers or calls you back. The directory is also not set up for supervision; that’s not what it was intended to do.

Even if a therapist on Psychology Today is taking clients, it doesn’t mean that they are currently accepting new associates. There’s really no way to specify this on one’s profile. Granted, I haven’t used Psychology Today in a while, but I doubt it has changed.

Ask for Referrals from Current Associates or Other Therapists

Word-of-mouth can be a great way to find an LPC Supervisor. If you know someone who is currently under supervision, ask them who their supervisor is and whether they are accepting new associates.

There is no limit to the number of associates that any one LPC Supervisor can have at a time (for better or worse). Some supervisors prefer to have only a few associates at any given time, but if you know someone they are currently providing supervision to, you’re more likely to have found a willing supervisor.

Other therapists in your community may be able to point you in the right direction when looking for an LPC Supervisor. This includes online communities such as on FaceBook or other social media.

What about a Supervisor for Private Practice?

Even using one (or more) of the above methods, you can’t be sure until you talk to your potential supervisor whether they are willing to support or guide you in building your own private practice. With the recent rule changes (in effect as of February 27th, 2022), LPC Associates are now able to own and operate their own private practices. Hooray!

However, there are many supervisors who were less than enthusiastic about the change. After all, many of them rely on associates for part of their income in their practices. Since LPC Associates can be in private practice now, they don’t have to work for them (or any other soul-sucking agency).

As for me, I became a supervisor BECAUSE of the recent change. I’m thrilled to be able to help LPC Associates create successful private practices. Being a therapist isn’t easy. Building a business isn’t easy. You need guidance for both, and that’s why I became a supervisor. When you work with me you not only get a quality LPC Supervisor (if I do say so myself), you get a business coach, marketing strategist, and someone who will help push you to greater heights. You could pay thousands of dollars on coaches and courses like I have, or I can walk you step-by-step through all of it for the same cost of supervision you’d find elsewhere.

If you’re looking for an LPC Supervisor in the state of Texas who can also help you grow a successful private practice, look no further. Schedule a 30-minute Zoom chat today (right below this article). I look forward to connecting with you! If you’re new to the supervision experience, check out What to Expect During Supervision too.

Mark Cagle is an LPC Supervisor in Texas | Supervision for LPC Associates

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Mark Cagle is an LPC Supervisor in Texas and provides online supervision to LPC Associates throughout the state. He also has a thriving private practice in Dallas focused on working with couples in crisis.

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