How Much Does Supervision for LPC Associates Cost?

$400 per month

What’s included:

Individual Supervision

Two hours per month of individual supervision (up to two associates).

During this time, we will work on all things private practice. We will talk about your marketing and messaging as well as walk through the steps of establishing your business.

We will also utilize this time as needed to discuss current issues you may be facing, whether business- or client-related.

There will be opportunities for case and documentation review as well (at least once per quarter).

Group Supervision

Two hours per month of group supervision.

During this time, we will focus on the skills necessary to be an effective therapist including assessing for risk and effective rapport building. Think of these lessons as the building blocks for effective therapy.

We will also spend time engaging in various activities meant to build camaraderie among supervisees. Therapy is more effective when you have a community of like-minded individuals around you.

This time will also include a review of the laws and ethics that apply to professional counselors.

That’s Not All You Get When You Work with Me

I want you to be successful in private practice and to leave your internship with a business you’re proud of, serving a population that can’t stop talking about the amazing work that you do. I have a plan to help you get there. Read more about the Benefits of Working with Me.

Need a Website for Your New Private Practice?

That’s a rhetorical question… A website can be one of the best investments you can make in your private practice. That being said, you certainly didn’t go to graduate school to become a website designer.

In addition to a successful private practice, I also have a website design business for therapists.

For $99/mo I can build a custom website to support you in your new private practice. A good website can attract clients while you sleep. It’s well worth the investment when done well.

Want to build your own website? I can help you do that too.

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